ICKSMCB 2018 / 2018 International Conference of the Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology / September 17(Mon)-19(Wed), 2018 / COEX, Seoul, Korea

Nobel Laureate Lecture

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National Research Foundation of Korea: Comprehensive Plan for Basic Research Promotion

September 19 (Wed), 12:20-13:10, Rm. 300

Comprehensive Plan for Basic Research Promotion

Young Yang, Ph.D.
Director, Division of Life Sciences, National Research Foundation of Korea, Korea

In order to support basic research innovation for the next five years, the 4th basic research promotion comprehensive draft plan was established by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). Comprehensive plans are based on the following 10 key ideas.
① Provide a balanced support to all competent researchers. ② Support creative ideas freely. ③ Challenge the world's best research. ④ The long-term perspective rather than the immediate results. ⑤ Balanced support to ensure that there are no areas to be neglected. ⑥ Prepare conditions for young researchers, who will be the future leaders, to grow. ⑦ Create an environment that can focus on research. ⑧ To spread a mature research culture based on trust. ⑨ Strengthen communication with researchers and citizens. ⑩ Strive to contribute basic research to the world. Detailed strategies for basic research innovation will be discussed.

I appreciate attendance of interested researchers and would like to hold a public hearing.