ICKSMCB 2018 / 2018 International Conference of the Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology / September 17(Mon)-19(Wed), 2018 / COEX, Seoul, Korea


Social Events

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Opening Ceremony

Participants and guests will celebrate the grand opening of 2018 International Conference: Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology on the first day of the conference and will be warmly welcomed.

* Time: Sep. 17 (Mon) 15:20-15:40, Rm. 401, COEX (4F)

Presidential Night

Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology invites overseas country speakers, organizers and KSMCB officers to appreciate their invaluable contributions for the International Conference of KSMCB.

* Time: Sep. 17 (Mon) 18:00
* Place: Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas

Presidential Night

* Time: Sep. 18 (Tue) 12:20-13:10, Rm. 305, COEX (3F)


Welcome Reception

A Welcome Reception will be held on the Wednesday evening following the afternoon symposia.

* Time: Sep. 18 (Tue) 18:00-19:00
* Place: Rm. 401 Lobby

Presidential Night

* Time: Sep. 19 (Wed) 12:20-13:10, Rm. 401, COEX (4F)


Closing Remark

Participants will have the chance to review the Conference and learn the plans for the next year's Conference. The winners of Awards will be recognized in an award ceremony.

* Time: Sep. 19 (Wed) 17:20-18:00, Rm. 401, COEX (4F)