ICKSMCB 2019 / 2019 International Conference of the Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology / September 17(Mon)-19(Wed), 2019 / COEX, Seoul, Korea

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Research Ethics Symposium

Co-Coordinators & Chairs: Jung Weon Lee, Ph.D. (Seoul National University, Korea)
Nayoung Suh, Ph.D. (Soon Chun Hyang University, Korea)

We are living in an age when scientific achievements and new technologies rapidly change the way we live. Due to their broad impact on our society, researchers continuously encounter moral and ethical challenges of their work. The ethical concerns are likely to be more complex but crucial in every aspect of research activities and therefore it is important to make an effort to think about the ethical issues. This symposium will focus on the authorship and researcher's responsibility by Professor Jae In Lee (Seoul National University of Education). Professor Ock-Joo Kim (Seoul National University, College of Medicine) will also discuss how we define the ethical boundaries.

October 2 (Tue), 12:20-12:45, Rm. 307

The Scope and Limitations of Research Ethics

Ock-Joo KIM, M.D.,Ph.D.
Seoul National University, Korea

October 2 (Tue), 12:45-13:10, Rm. 307

Authorship and Researcher's Responsibility

Lee In Jae, Ed.D.
Seoul National University of Education, KOREA
This presentation focuses on the criteria and proper order of authorship, which are currently core issues in Korea as the main content of publication ethics. To this end, the main points to be mentioned in this presentation are as follows. 1) The meaning and main subjects of publication ethics, the values pursued by the publication ethics, and the responsibilities of each subject. 2) The meaning of being an author in research and the criteria for authorship suggested by various academic associations 3) Difference between authorship and contributorship 4) Types of unjust authorship 5) Responsibilities of researcher and publisher for desirable authorship. In addition, this presentation will analyze the cases of improperr authorship, highlighting the importance of right author labeling, and seeking implications for establishing Korean publication ethics.