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Introduction of Basic Science Research Capacity Enhancement Project

October 6 (Tue), 12:20-12:40, Tamna Hall A

NFEC (The National Research Facilities and Equipment Center) is a government-funded organization that carries out projects such as strategic investment in research facilities and equipment, promotion of co-utilization, and training for professional human resources. NFEC implements deliberation for introduction and transfers equipment and facilities through the ZEUS sharing center and makes road-map.
There are some problems about managing facilities and equipment financed by governmental R&D budgets. Since researchers operate and manage equipment individually, it makes duplicated equipment introduction and low co-utilization rate which can lead to investment inefficiency of governmental R&D budget. To solve those problems, we have introduced one of the main project, “Basic Science Research Capacity Enhancement Project” supported by the Ministry of Education.
In this project, there are three major tasks, the largest part is ① supporting build-up of “the Core-Facility” and ② support introducing research equipment in “Core-Facility” and ③ support for co-research revitalization between researchers in “Core-Facility.” Only designated “Core-Facility” centers are allowed to participate in ②,③ tasks.

Specifically, the largest task, building-up “the Core-Facility” is to support funds for university research centers initially established or that have already been established but lack of support to enable equipment aggregation, integrated operation, and exclusively operating personnel analysis services.
In addition, we conduct customized consultation with experts at each stage of growth so that the project does not ended from creating simply “the Core-Facility”, but “the Core-Facility” can be "sustainable."

Through the building-up, development and capacity maturity of “the Core-facility”, the site-oriented research ecosystem will be created and the efficient utilization of the governmental R&D budget will be possible. In addition, the co-utilization among researchers will improve the national basic science research capacity.